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Yaviz Basalamah by Poppie MayieskyYaviz Basalamah is a visual artist most known for signature eyes that can be seen in all of his works. He mainly prefers to work with acrylic on canvas, but at times likes to combine other mediums such as grain gels and markers along with the acrylic.

Yaviz's inspirations often come from music, fashion or movies that he can personally relate to. He also gets pleasure from retelling old stories through his works in ways that can be relevant for today.

Born on October 20 1985 in Surabaya, Indonesia, Yaviz began exhibiting his works in 2005, two years after he came back to his hometown from studying at the Australian International Academy in Melbourne, Australia. He later completed a Communication Design course in 2007 from Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney.

So far Yaviz has participated in solo and group exhibitions in Surabaya, Jakarta and Bali. He also decided to follow artistic inspirations he finds in fashion by launching his own clothing brand, The Y Label. The brand debuted in 2011 with a collection of shirts and ties for men inspired by Yaviz's love for bold colours and geometric patterns.

Since December of 2012, Yaviz has been exploring his keen interest in astrology. Initially to learn more about himself, but gradually turned into spiritually inspired writing in the hope of sharing more positive spirit that can uplift and inspire the collective consciousness. Yaviz works with Western astrology and gets most of his inspirations from the Moon's transits through the zodiac and aspects the Moon makes to other planets on the way.

Yaviz currently lives and works in Jakarta where he continues looking for ways to express his ever-growing inspirations through his art.

2003 - Victorian Certificate of Education, Australian International Academy, Melbourne, Australia

2007 - Advanced Diploma in Communication Design, Billy Blue College of Design, Sydney, Australia

2005 - Unfinished Uncertainty, Dewan Kesenian Surabaya, Surabaya

2005 - Punch Rock Speedometer, House of Rotten Apple, Surabaya
2011 - SUPERSOUL, The Alila Gallery of Alila Ubud, Bali

2008 - Kesenangan, Taman Budaya Jawa Timur, Surabaya

2009 - Abandoned #3, House of Rotten Apple, Surabaya
2009 - We're All Millionaires, A.O.D. Art Space, Jakarta
2009 - Fetish Q-Art Exhibition, Goethe Haus, Jakarta
2010 - Expresi, Alun Alun Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Jakarta
2011 - Oh, For Dog's Sake!, Naka Contemporary Art, Bali

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